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  • In this recorded professional learning session, Dr Maurice Cheng and Greta Dromgool demonstrate a playful approach to the science capabilities.

    Unpacking the science curriculum can feel a bit overwhelming. In this session learn how you can use simple activities to support your students' development of their science capabilities and their understanding of the Nature of Science – the overarching strand of the New Zealand Science curriculum.

    This was a great session, inspiring and motivational.


    This session is valuable for both primary and lower secondary school teachers.

    Having fun with the science capabilities

    This is an edited recording of the webinar Having fun with the science capabilities.

    You can download the video and slideshow presentation.

    Having fun with the science capabilities – slideshow

    This slideshow, from the webinar Having fun with the science capabilities, provides additional support for the video tutorial.

    I certainly learnt a lot. Can't wait to get back in the classroom!



    Topic Slideshow number(s) Video timecode
    Index 2 00:17
    Introducing the Science Learning Hub and presenters 3–4 00:26
    Purpose 5 02:37
    What are the science capabilities? 6 03:43
    NMSSA and NZCER Progression resources 7–11 07:44
    Sandpit science 12 11:37
    Activity 1: Mystery boxes 13 17:22
    Activity 2: Observing hair 14 24:19
    Activity 3: Exploring liquids 15–16 29:36
    SLH links, keep in touch and thanks 17–18 37:35

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    The activity Observation and the mystery box is used in the webinar.

    Explore our Nature of science topic and see our previous webinars below related to the science capabilities:

    We've created a collection to support educators using the science capabilities. The collection includes activities suitable for ākonga in the primary years.

    Useful links

    Read more about the science capabilities on the TKI website.

    Find the Science in the New Zealand Curriculum: Understanding progress from levels 2 to 4 here and the Insights for teachers report here.

    Other supporting documents looking at science progressions can be found on the NMSSA website.

    Carol Brieseman shared her resources on the science capabilities here.


    Thank you to Dr Maurice Cheng.

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