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  • In this set of activities, students are introduced to basic Physical World concepts about light through the use of play and exploration. Students also have the opportunity to design simple investigations and learn how science works as an introduction to the nature of science.

    This resource is designed for students working at New Zealand Curriculum levels 1 and 2. It also supports the Exploration – Mana Aotūroa strand in Te Whāriki. Rather than set out prescribed instructions, it identifies key science concepts and ways in which students can explore, experience and build their understanding of light and shadows. It also provides pedagogical information to guide educators as they shape questions and discussions during the exploratory activities.

    By the end of these activities, students should be able to:

    • discuss the relationship between the shape of an object and the shape of its shadow
    • demonstrate that an object needs to be between a light source and a surface for a shadow to form
    • offer explanations about shadows being the absence (lack) of light
    • demonstrate how to change the size and shape of a shadow by repositioning the light source.

    Download the Word file (see link below).

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    The Science Learning Hub team has curated a collection of resources related to light and shadows. The collection is intended for teachers and students working at New Zealand Curriculum levels 1 and 2. The collection includes literacy links to New Zealand Ministry of Education reading resources. Learn how to create, use and share collections here.

      Published 23 May 2019 Referencing Hub articles
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