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  • Many resources on the Science Learning Hub explore ideas about conservation and related issues. This online PD session recorded on 14 May 2015 shows primary teachers how to navigate the Hub to find resources about conservation. Topics covered include the flight of godwits, farming and environmental issues (looking at research inhibiting nitrates), saving reptiles and amphibians, river ecology and interdependence, and the bioaccumulation of toxins in the sea.

    Teachers are then introduced to some highlights from a wide range of content with a conservation focus. Science concepts include ideas such as bioindicators and biodegradability, classifying and identifying, solar energy, and river and marine ecosystems and human impact on them.

    This PLD session was based on the legacy Science Learning Hub however all the resources are still available on the new-look Science Learning Hub site.

    Hands-on student activities include making lizard-friendly habitats, cleaning up oil spills, an outdoor game that teaches about bird migration, simulating a greenhouse effect, melting chocolate biscuits to learn about heat energy, making a solar oven from a pizza box, using cards to match habitats with organisms, developing classification systems and building food webs.

    SLH content with strong conservation themes include Saving reptiles and amphibians, Soil, Farming and science, Tōku Awa Koiora (Restoring the Waikato River), Conserving native birds, Where land meets sea, Harnessing the Sun (solar energy) and Enviro-imprints.

    Can we make New Zealand pest-free? - introduction explains the Predator Free 2050 goal. It includes a series of lesson plans that focus on students becoming actively involved in contributing to a pest-free New Zealand.

    That has been excellent - I am going to be sharing this with teachers at an Enviroschools Cluster meeting.


    See links above to view the video of this professional development session and also links below to download the:

    • PowerPoint presentation
    • treasure hunt


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    An introduction to the Science Learning Hub and conservation content



    Exploring the SLH using conservation themes



    A treasure hunt (for participants)



    Resource highlights, including students activities, articles, images, animations and interactives



    A look at conservation topics planners – found in Teacher Ideas



    Finding conservation themes and topics using the search engine



    A brief look at other SLH sections with conservation content – Primary Science, Teacher Ideas and Nature of Science



    Our Pinterest board on conservation



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