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  • Putting a leg band on a Takahē.
    Rights: Alison Ballance, Radio New Zealand Published 7 February 2019 Size: 60 KB Referencing Hub media

    Collecting quality data to investigate and predict species interrelationships is vital to the decisions made in any conservation strategy, including the recovery of the takahē.

    Data collection needs to include other species linked by interrelationships within the communities where takahē live, for example, the interrelationships between takahē and stoats, takahē and red deer, red deer and snow tussock, and takahē and snow tussock.

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    The worksheets as detailed in the article Takahē – a context for learning and in this interactive planning pathway, can be used for Biology Achievement Standard 91158. They can also be used as stand-alone resources for learning about takahē biology and conservation.

    Data appendices – information for AS91158

    1. Prehistoric distribution of takahē – map
    2. Sightings of takahē in Fiordland (1987–2008) – map
    3. Takahē population trends (1981–2008) – line graph/Murchison/offshore islands
    4. Impact of temperature on adult takahē (1981–1994) – line graph
    5. Impact of deer culling operations in the Murchison Mountains (1963–2008) – line graph
    6. Stoat and rat trap kills (2003–2018) – line graphs
    7. Latest takahē population trends (2000–2017) – line graphs sanctuary/Fiordland
    8. Takahē population growth rate (2000–2016) – line graph
    9. Takahē population recruitment versus mortality (2006–2017) – line graph
    10. Takahē census results – Murchison Mountains 2014 – map
    11. Deer kills and helicopter hunting tracks in the Murchison Mountains – map
    12. Murchison Mountains stoat traps 2019 – map
    13. Stoat and rat trap kills (2006–2016) – line graph
    14. Relationship between the mean temperature and flowering in Chionochloa spp (masting and global warming) – bar graph
    15. Effect of climate change on masting Chionochloa (climate change/masting) – graphs on temperature and flowering
    16. Additional data from Takahē Recovery Programme (DOC) annual report 2017-18 – graph and tables
    17. Takahē adult survival in trapped and untrapped areas in the Murchison Mountains – graphs and table

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    Acknowledgement: Photo of takahē being tagged courtesy of Alison Ballance, Radio New Zealand

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